Before HARDBARNED! became a book in 2016, it was a blog I began in 2008. It still is, from time to time, and you have found its home. Scroll through it all here, or browse selected posts at Medium. In case you were wondering…none of this blog content appears in the book, which is its own separate thing and mostly about working for a living. The blog is usually about pop culture-type stuff. Cheers.

Announcing LUNAR MOONER LULA & HARDBARNED! Book Release Event


I am super stoked and proud as hell to announce that my lovely and talented wife and collaborator, the artist Tarri N. Driver, has published her first book, released 8/8/17 and titled:


The first in Tarri's forthcoming series of educational adventures featuring LML, the new book follows a young city-dwelling girl on a perspective-shifting journey from her dreary, busy city, through a lush forest and back again. Tarri has written and painstakingly illustrated this beautiful picture book primarily for kids (by hand, via drawing, painting and collage), but it's appropriate for all ages, with rich visuals and imparting a subtle, peaceful message for everyone.

You can preview the book, read more about it and browse through Tarri's decades of artwork at her all-new website, where you can even order prints of her previous work or purchase originals, right here. Tarri's book is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or pretty much anywhere books are sold online, and stores can order it, if you prefer that route. There is not a digital version, so it's hardcopy only.

ALSO, at 6PM on September 23, 2017, at our old friend Gretchen's Cultivate Coworking space in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Tarri and I will host a book-signing event for Tarri's new book and also for HARDBARNED! (released last year and also illustrated by Tarri).

We'll have plenty of copies of both of our books on hand for sale (they're around $15 each) and we'll be glad to sign them too (if you like that sort of thing). I've also heard that we might do a reading or two from both books. Thanks to our old friends Heather and Ty, at Old Town T-Shirt Company, we'll have a selection of LUNAR MOONER LULA and HARDBARNED! T-shirts in adult and kid sizes, plus limited-edition prints of Tarri's awesome artwork from each book. We'll also have adult beverages, snacks and music and would love to see you there!

The first 13 people in the door at Cultivate will receive an out-of-print, limited-edition hardcopy of our tongue-in-cheek ode to Nashville, a lo-fi, pen and ink DIY zine we created together (and distributed anonymously) just before leaving Condo City for the scenic hills of East Tennessee, in the fall of 2015.