HARDBANDS! A Partial Rock Resume: Loud Rock Bands You've Never Heard Of

KDH tour 53.jpeg

Before my guitars devolved into hanging wall art, I was in a bunch of rowdy rock bands you've likely never heard of. For your amusement, five of them are featured below. Some were utterly ridiculous and barely left the basement. Others made heartfelt DIY records and life-altering, cross-country treks in grubby vans. I still feel pretty lucky to have participated, but it was something I needed to do and remains a part of who I am. Now you can stream or download them all, for free. Please remain calm.

Future Tongues (2012)

Firebirds of the Arctic Ice (2008-2010)

Keymaster (2003-2005)

Kill Devil Hills (1998-2002)

Free Dirt (1995)