HARDBARNED! The Bands, or Rock Resume: Crappy Bands You've Never Heard Of

KDH tour 59.jpg

Before my guitars became wall art, daily reminders of how uncool I am today, I was in a bunch of crappy bands you've never heard of.

For your amusement, seven of them are featured below. Some are thoroughly embarrassing. Others still make me pretty damn proud to have had the privilege to contribute. Try and guess which are which!

Stoked to finally hear them? Of course not. You never knew they existed. Now's your chance, though. You can even download them all, for free. Please remain calm.

Future Tongues (2012)

Firebirds of the Arctic Ice (2008-2010)

Keymaster (2003-2005)

Kill Devil Hills (1998-2002)

King Thin (1996)

Free Dirt (1995)

Piddlefish (1994)